About us


EIIE is a one-stop-shop pathway provider for German universities for Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD students. We offer comprehensive solutions for international students including university placement, language preparation, entrance examinations as well as orientation and academic counselling. We guide and support students from the choice of degree to final university placement at the best German partner universities.


As one of the leading providers of language and academic study preparation, EURASIA has helped over 18,000 undergraduate students since 1993 to realize their educational projects in Germany. The Institute is registered with the Berlin Senate for Education, Science and Research and is an accredited test centre for all university entrance exams.


Communicating means connecting and only true understanding brings people together. This is the ideal behind the Berlin-based EURASIA Institute, where we use our expertise to bring people from all over the world, more than 100 countries, together.


Your experience at Eurasia matters to us. We desire for you to have the best learning environment, staff and teachers as we guide you along your path. Regular feedback tools help us to achieve this goal. If you feel that your voice is not being heard or you would like to see us doing more for you in some way, we also have a fixed procedure for you to make suggestions and lodge complaints. Send us an email on feedback@eurasia-institute.eu or read more here (EN/DE).