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If you wish to study abroad but need help with choosing a destination, study programme or university that suits you and fits your budget then you are on the right page! Just browse through over 10.000 different programmes in our course finder here. You will find study abroad programmes in Germany at all the top universities. In addition you will be able to browse programmes at over 300 universities around the globe including destinations in Australia, Austria, Canada, The Caribbean, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Georgia, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Mauritius, The Netherlands, Slovakia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom and The USA.
Search for foundation programmes, boarding school programmes, work and study programmes, academic programmes, pathway programmes in any of the following academic domains: Agricultural and Forestry Studies, Environment, Art, Music & Design, Media Studies, Business, Finance, Economics & Law, Engineering, Informatics and Computer Science, Languages & Culture, Maths and Natural Sciences, Medicine & Health Sciences, Sport, Pedagogical Studies, Social Sciences & Humanities, Online Programmes, Boarding School Programmes, MBA Programmes and Hospitality & Tourism!
If you would like some guidance in making the right decision or would prefer to do a career aptitude test before making this life-changing decision then feel free to contact our counselling team through the contact form. ENJOY your search!

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