Create Your Camp

EURASIA Institute is working hard to support thousands of students in their journey to find the right academic path at German universities. But moving to Germany and pursuing an academic career is not an easy decision to make. By joining one of the EURASIA Camps, you can accumulate valuable experience and information, as well as have a glance into the German culture, language and educational system.

If you have a group that travels together, you are not limited to our regular camps. At EURASIA we are committed to work towards creating the perfect programme for your specific needs. Are you representing a school or are looking for a trip to Germany and Europe for an entire group? Then fill out the contact form and we will be working closely with you to create a tailor made programme based on the wishes of you and the group: 100% flexible and adjustable.

Please don’t hesitate to fill out an application form and we are getting back to you right away.