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work and study in Germany
How does it feel when you have more than 700 different careers to choose from?  Are you sure that you will make the right choice?  It can be overwhelming, agreed. However, if you have a career guidance expert at your side then it can save you valuable time.  Secondly it can direct you to a highly paid job that you love and enjoy.   What better place to do this than Germany which has a booming economy full of opportunities?  If you want to work and study in Germany, then you should take a look at our smart genius career pathways.  Find out here how our simple 7-step formula could work for you:
  1. Scientific career development assessment
  2. Application, interview training and job placement
  3. Super-intensive blended language learning
  4. Professional immigration and relocation support
  5. License recognition and final placement
  6. Legal rights and obligations training
  7. Career ingeration mentorship and PR support
If you are interested in moving your career forward in a vibrant and dynamic environment, why not consider a career in Germany?  Why work and study in Germany?  Because Germany is not only one of the top exporting nations in the world. It also has a stable and thriving economy. This strength is built on a strong and diverse and well-educated workforce with a special place reserved for you!  This is why work and study in Germany might just change your life! The EURASIA smart genius career pathways will prepare you for a successful career in Germany.   The programmes give you everything that you need to succeed including mastery of the German language, for instance.


Our Work & Study in Germany Pathways guide you through the following steps


  •   Career assessment
  •   Application support
  •   Visa documentation
  •   Blocked account opening support
  •   Provisional insurance
  •   Visa support


  •   Intensive language preparation course from A1 to C1 (30 lessons per week)
  •   Individual advisory service
  •   Reservation of accommodation

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