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German Language Pathway Team

Most team members of the EURASIA German language pathway team in Berlin have experienced the study abroad challenge first hand. That is what makes us expert partners in supporting students who want to study in Germany. At the same time we give invaluable hands-on advice to career-seekers and investors looking for a soft-landing in a new cultural and linguistic environment. Having said that, we are a very international team speaking 18 languages, embodying warmth, diversity and respect. We work offline, online, from home, in the office and on the road – actually wherever and whenever you need us! The team has a combined experience of over 100 different cultures and is focussed on helping you, our students and clients to be successful in studying in Germany. We come from Germany, the United Kingdom, Russia, Pakistan, Tunisia, Romania, India, Sri Lanka, Albania, Uganda, and Vietnam and are still growing. All of us are socially and empathically skilled with a command of more than one international language. Having the quality of diversity among ourselves, we are able to build cultural bridges across continents and bring together people from all around the globe. Moving abroad is a life-changing experience and is sure to lead to great personal growth. that’s why each member of our team has an amazing story to tell about this and we look forward to supporting you through your study in Germany story as it unfolds.
 Founding Director (CEO)