Study & Work in Germany



EURASIA Zoominars on opportunities for Study in Germany & Opportunities for Work in Germany

If you prefer to find out more about opportunties for study and work in Germany using an interactive format then read on. You can attend our study and work in Germany zoominars free of charge and get important information on the processes as well as set up an individual study abroad consultation. We also regularly launch limited special offers in our zoominars where you might get the opportunity to qualify for a scholarship or special bonus. On the left of the screen below you can find all the planned dates and times as well as registration links!

Our SmartGenius Zoominars will guide you through the answers to many FAQs

  •   How can I find the right degree or vocational training programme?
  •   Can I study in English or do I need to learn German?
  •   How do I know if I am qualified for the programme?
  •   How can I earn money in Germany as a student?
  •   What visa documentation do I need to prepare?
  •   Do I need a blocked account and if so how can I open it?
  •   Do I need health insurance in Germany?
  •   Can I still come to Germany in times of a pandemic?

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