Interactive German


Ready to study in Germany but still waiting for your flight or visa?

Step into this no-risk all fun interactive German course today!

Typically this course will suit you if you are taking the first step towards travelling to, studying in or working in Germany.  Why not use that waiting time more effectively to…

  • Master the basics of survival German in just a few hours a week
  • Smarten up your CV with some new juicy job skills to impress your future employers!
  • Apply to top-ranking German universities and companies
…and for sure this will empower you while:
  • Saving you precious time and money
  • Helping you to reaching your goals in a supportive community of professionals
  • Keeping your learning experience comfortable in the comfort of your armchair
…and your part is:
  • to invest your time to be guided by professional trainers and native speakers, and
  • to participate actively in an efficient and goal-oriented course, and
  • to explore your future academic and professional career prospects with certified counsellors

  • Enjoy the live elements with your own dedicated teacher in our virtual classroom
  • Manage the speed of your own progress with our top-notch interactive course
  • Secure distance learning to guarantee you safety and affordability
  • Our award winning learning management system will save you time, money and stress

  • Two Harrison Assessment reports (Your greatest strengths report + Career options report)
  • 12-week interactive German course that enables you to successfully use everyday expressions.
  • 5 days/week German classes including 4h live class, 1h live chat  and homework support
  • 1 year unlimited access to our learning platform for graded assignments and progress evaluation
  • Free university and career counselling support
  • A high-quality structured course with a professional native-speaker German teacher
  • Intensive and authentic practice of the individual parts of the A1 certificate exam in German.
  • A certificate of participation at the end of the course on demand.
  • Free eBook on well-paid careers in Germany

  • a stable internet connection
  • a browsing device (smartphone, tablet, smart TV, PC or laptop) with a webcam
  • a quiet environment
  • preferably earphones/headset



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Start dates:

Once the student has signed up for the course,  a seat reservation is made which will be held open for the applicant until the fee is paid.  The seat for the booked course is only reconfirmed once the payment to EURASIA Institute is also confirmed. The seat cannot be guaranteed if the payment is confirmed 10 days or less before the start of the booked course and the participant may be put on a waiting list for the next starting course.  If seats are still available, the student can then join the course at an advanced stage.



The participant should be present at all course sessions and do all the assignments given by the teacher to ensure the progress and success in the course.

The participant is also responsible of making sure he/she has the required technical equipment and a reliable internet connection before booking the course.


Refund policy:

Fees already paid for an online course after having received an invoice with the respective amount, are excluded from return or refund.  In case of joining a course at an advanced stage and finishing it within a shorter time frame, the applicant can request a voucher for the skipped lessons that could be used for other online courses or as a value voucher for a Pathway program.  Overpayment are of course subject to refund. Transfer fees may apply.


For all other matters, the general terms and conditions of EURASIA Institute do apply.