20. February 2024

Meet Andrew Geddes, EURASIA Institute’s Founding Director!

Some fun facts about Andrew:

  • He can speak ten languages, making him a polyglot, and some of these languages include French, German, Japanese, and Mandarin!
  • He is originally from Manchester, England!
  • His favorite place he has ever been able to visit is The Golden Triangle within the Thai jungle!

We asked Andrew about the inspiration behind starting EURASIA, and this was his response: “I started Eurasia thirty years ago with the goal of setting up an international platform for cultural exchange and to build cultural bridges between the continents. Our goal here at Eurasia is to help young people all over the world realize their career dreams or goals in Germany.”

EURASIA is the successful company it is today because of Mr. Geddes’s dedication to helping others realize their career dreams and goals. We are grateful for his dedication to making EURASIA an amazing place for both students and employees combined!