23. May 2024

Meet Huzefa, our Product & Student Success Manager from Pakistan!

Some fun facts about Huzefa:

  • He is a food lover and thus, loves going to food festivals!
  • He gets his energy from the gym!
  • Road trips are a must for him when possible!

Huzefa has lived in Germany for 8 years now and some of his favorite things about Germany have been their culture of discipline and punctuality, though having stores closed on Sundays took some getting used to. When asked about his time at EURASIA he said he loves the friendly staff and the chance to help students achieve their dreams and goals. He is hoping that in the future, EURASIA will continue to see an increase in numbers of students bringing even more diversity and perspective to this already-unique community.

We are so grateful for Huzefa and for his heartfelt and critical contributions here at EURASIA!