8. February 2024

Meet Imran Khan, originally from Lahore, Pakistan, our director of International Development and Marketing here at EURASIA!

Some fun facts about Imran:

  • He loves adventure! Some of his wildest adventures include bungee jumping in Riga and walking with lions in Zambia.
  • His favorite food is German bread & butter! Imran says he loves coming home after work and enjoying bread & butter.
  • His favorite color is green because it is a calming color that reminds him of nature and being outside!
  • When asked about his thoughts on EURASIA Imran says, “When I started at this company it was very small. There were only a few regions and markets with an even smaller number of employees. It has been a continuous effort and struggle to create new markets and deliver quality service, and I think this is the benchmark, providing quality services to not only the partners, but the students. This is how we have survived the last 30 years and built up such a strong network of partners who have put their trust in the product and the company.”

    “I believe this is something I have always wanted to do – having contact with young people, having the opportunity and freedom to travel, getting to learn different cultures, meeting new people, trying to convince young people about Europe and about Germany.”

    We are so lucky to have had Imran on our team here at EURASIA for so many years, and are grateful for all the work he puts in to help us thrive! Thank you Imran!