Work and Study in Germany

Get Paid to Study in Germany - Nursing Traineeship

Classic Academic Pathways and Tuition Free at State Universities

Free stuff is not worth anything right? However, the world’s best kept secret is that German tax payers willingly invest over 100 thousand euros in your education if you decide to study at a German university! A few conditions apply: you must be qualified, motivated and you should learn the German language. So if you fit the part, then this sounds like a recipe for success! You can use our opportunities finder under “international pathways” on this website if you have not yet found a programme that interests you. With Germany being one of the top countries worldwide for higher studies and quality of education, it is worth you investing a few minutes of your time in this. Of course you can always take the more comfortable route and hit the “sign in” button below – use this to book a slot on our next public online seminar and find out what your dream career choice could be in Germany!

Begin with a Career Aptitude Test

If you decide to sign up as a candidate for this programme then you will get the chance to do our psychometric career aptitude test. What will this tell you? It will reveal to you your greatest strengths, the most suitable career options which resonnate with your own preferences, dreams and life goals, important factors for your future career development as well as a detailed analysis of how you can expect to enjoy the particular career you have chosen. This helps us to help you make the right choice and helps your future employers to understand who you are and how you can both work together. This is important as an informed choice will lead you into a more powerful place as far as satisfying life choices are concerned. That is what we are here for – to help you into that spot. Just fill in the “sign in” form and we can move you forward to the next step!

Build up Confidence with a Free German Course

Going to a new workplace can be daunting enough and working in a new environment in a foreign language doubly so. Some describe the experience of culture shock as being like a painful rebirth! No worries! We invite everybody to join in the amazing fun in our online “Get to know Germany” in a friendlc, international and relaxed setting. Monika our German teacher is waiting for you. sign up here and receive the invitation to log in to the course and you can try it out for free for a whole month. Once a week, one of our counsellors also offers you a free session where you can get answers to all your questions! Don’t miss this chance whatever you do 🙂

Begin Your Academic Pathway!

Once you have convinced yourself that this is the way forward, German is just easy peasy and you can resonnate with your chosen career, then it is time for you to make the decision to go for it! Investing in your education is one that you will never regret. Education changes your mind and changes your life too. An investment in a business may produce profits which the government can tax – but an investment in your mind is not just an absolute gold mine, it is tax-free for life! So get ready to begin that journey today and sign up here and now for this new opportunity. Places are limited each intake to approximately 15 so be one of the first pioneers to take on this challenge!

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