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Get Paid to Study in Germany - Nursing Traineeship

Classic Academic Pathways and Tuition Free at State Universities

EURASIA Institute can help you get your degree in Germany and unfold your academic future in one of the most advanced nations of the world.  Choose from one of the following solutions or call us to discuss your own personal education plan.
  • Boarding School or International School Pathways to qualify for direct entrance to German state university (taught in German or bilingual)
  • Foundation Pathways to qualify for German state university (taught in English and German)
  • Engineering and Business Elite Pathway for undergraduates
  • Bachelor’s Pathways to enter undergraduate studies at German state university directly without Prep Year (taught in German and without tuition fees)
  • Master’s Pathways to enter postgraduate studies at German state university directly (taught in German without tuition fees or in English)
  • Private university Pathways for placement in any programme according to your qualifications
  • MBA Pathways for your executive business degree after work experience
  • Doctorate Pathway for PhD students and Specialisation Pathways for MDs
Maybe educational opportunities in your location aren’t quite what you are looking for. Perhaps you are looking for greater stability in your future. You might just want to find adventure in an exciting place. Germany can offer you all of that, and with our help, you can access it! If you are looking at a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at a world-class university with a doable price-tag, EURASIA has a pathway prepared for you. The EURASIA Smart Genius Academic Pathway sets you on track to study at German university by providing you with everything you need to succeed.

Getting Paid to Study is a German Tradition

Have you ever wondered how you can get paid to study at univerity or for doing a vocational traineeship? Studying is hard work, so it feels right to get paid for your trouble, right? Well we might just have the solution you have been looking for here, so read on! Germany has a long tradition of dual training and dual studies where schools, universities and corporations work together to give both practical as well as theoretical training to their staff and thus nurture the next generation of trained specialists.  Graduates are not just expert in their field but also understand the company well and how it works!  It’s a classic win-win! So much for the background! So what does this mean for me, you’re asking!

    • Vocational Traineeships

Imagine you have just completed 12 years of schooling and a German company told you you can come and work over here and earn around 12 to 13 thousand euros per year! Would that sound like a good offer to you? So, if you have just left school and have some idea of what career you would like to choose, then this might be the way forward. Presently you can choose from around 10 different professions in the health sector as well as technical traineeships. Watch this space for a constantly growing base of opportunities in the area of business as well as other practical vocations. After completing some of these you can also get the chance to top up to a Bachelor’s degree. If you want to find out more then just fill in the form by hitting the “sign in” button and tell us more about yourself and your dreams. We will get back to you and offer you a way forward. Go for it!

    • Dual Studies Programmes

For a more academic work and study experience you can choose the undergrad or postgrad version of a traineeship. It might sound too good to be true, but some German companies will actually hire you as an employee, even if you are not a local, and also pay for your education. The pandemic in the early 2020s made a lot of people leave the tourism, hotel and gastronomy industry permanently for other job opportunities, so there is a huge demand in those sectors with things opening up again slowly but surely. That’s what makes it possible for you to do a Bachelors in toourism management, an MA in change management or an MBA in business administration while at the same time getting paid to train as a hotel manager! Fill in the form linked to the “sign in” button and you will find a complete list of the academic programmes available in conjunction with well paid jobs starting at around 12 thousand euros p.a. Don’t forget that you will also need to send us your academic transcripts and school graduation certificates etc so we can see if you meet the entrance requirements for these programmes! If not, no worries. You can still go for the extra foundation year programme or just chooe a vocational traineeship.

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