30. May 2024

Welcome to the Brand University of Applied Sciences

Nestled in the vibrant port city of Hamburg, Germany, Brand University of Applied Sciences is the ideal destination for those pursuing a dynamic business and marketing career, whether in Germany or on the international stage. With intimate class sizes and dedicated professors, the university fosters a close-knit community that connects its students to the world.

Brand University: Journey and Growth

Since its inception as Brand Academy in 2010, the university has evolved into a premier educational hub for both German and international marketing professionals.

Innovative Academic Programs

Brand University’s marketing-centric curriculum offers engaging, hands-on courses covering a spectrum of subjects from management to research and promotion. But beyond theoretical knowledge, their workshops and seminars equip students with practical skills to excel in various business arenas right after graduation. Simply put, the university transforms product development and marketing concepts into applicable tools for diverse career paths.

Personalized and Global Education

The university may be small in size, however this is a strength as it is able to provide flexible education within a supportive community. They offer specialized undergraduate degrees in product development, two distinct master’s tracks, and a selective doctoral program in collaboration with the esteemed University of Southern Denmark. Brand University’s international outreach ensures that students connect with peers worldwide, learning to market products to a global audience creatively.

Research and Unique Opportunities

As a cutting-edge institution, Brand University offers numerous research opportunities. Students collaborate with professors on research projects, with graduate students receiving support for their dissertations. They frequently host successful CEOs and marketers who share their insights on effective strategies, enriching their students’ learning experiences.

Make Your Mark with Brand University

Located in the heart of Hamburg, Brand University inspires students to excel, think creatively, and find their place in the international business community. Whether you aspire to create your own brand, become a future CEO, or make global friends, this university is your launching pad. Here, your experiences will shape you as much as you shape the world.

EURASIA: Your Trusted Academic Guide

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