Exploring EURASIA’s Academic and Career Pathways: Learn How We Can Help You on Your Journey

4. June 2024

As we become adults, it can be difficult to answer the big questions about what we should do with our lives, questions like, what and how do I want to study? What kind of career do I want to have after I finish university? And when I have picked a career, how can I learn the soft skills I need to survive in a business environment?

Here at EURASIA, we provide a framework that gives you the opportunity and ability to answer these questions for yourself. Our pathways to living and working in Germany give our students clear career and business options to choose from. More than that, however, EURASIA’s language and technical courses empower these students to achieve their dreams. Learning German with EURASIA can truly be a journey of discovery. Take a look at these three pathways and how they can help YOU work towards your goals.

The Academic Pathway: What and how do I want to study?

Are you attracted to the glamor, excitement, and opportunity that are all part of a study abroad experience? If you are, you are not alone. Many students have hopes and dreams that include academic adventures out-of-country. Not sure where to go for these adventures? Well, look no further! What EURASIA offers is simple: an opportunity to study a beautiful language in a new country, at an incredibly affordable price. Students need only submit proof of their secondary school completion, and then EURASIA takes care of the rest. From an assessment that provides tailored-to-you career possibilities and learning strategies, to amazing online and offline German courses with small class sizes, to entrance exam prep courses, we specialize in making sure your study experience in Germany is the best it can be. EURASIA smooths the road towards a successful college education in Germany and so on to your next step: a successful German career.

The Career Pathway: What kind of career do I want to have after I finish university?

Which brings us to the next pathway EURASIA offers–one that hones all the skills you need to start a successful career in Germany! The focus of the program is not only on what you learn, but what you are going to do about it. The program begins with an aptitude test that helps you gauge which careers might be best for you. From there, it gets you involved in real hands-on experiences at technical universities and internships. Here, you can study German for a year and then go to university or an internship, all while being paid to work in Germany! EURASIA will be with you every step of the way, teaching online courses in German before you even get to the country and then helping you transition smoothly into life in Germany itself. If you are looking for a safe and successful pathway to working abroad after university, EURASIA is surely the solution you are looking for.

The Investment Pathway: How can I learn the soft skills I need to survive in a business environment?

Your journey does not end with college and a new job hire, and here at EURASIA, we understand that. That is why we offer a program that will help you move from employee to employer in your very own company in Germany. With the help of our team of business professionals, you can learn how to acquire or build your company here, not only surviving but thriving in Germany’s competitive business market. The help we offer with relocating your family to an in-country location and language training is simply the cherry on top.

Life as a college-bound student is full of questions. Fortunately, answers will come as you put in the effort to seek your own path. Our job is to make that journey just a little bit easier. EURASIA offers diverse pathways and programs that, one step at a time, can help you achieve your goals. Here, we connect an international group of students and entrepreneurs to each other as they find their own paths in life–the German way.

EURASIA: Your Trusted Academic Guide

While embarking on an academic journey in a foreign country may seem scary, EURASIA is here to support you from day one. We have the expertise and experience to guide you through the entire process, from initial applications to visa requirements. With EURASIA by your side, you can embrace this new adventure with confidence.