Being a student in Germany pays off

26. March 2018
In many countries in the world pursuing the higher education means costs, but not in Germany. Of course you have to pay the rent and invest in your health insurance but that is nothing compared to popular study destinations worldwide.

Why does it payoff to be a student in Germany?

# Get top quality higher education in Germany free of charge

For German and international students the university education is free of charge through a small fee (average 270 €) is paid toward the semester transportation ticket and lots of student discounts. In combination with the top quality of education it makes Germany a very attractive as a study destination.

# Gain more experience doing a paid internship

As a student in Germany you are allowed to work part-time (20 hours a week; during the vacation full time). You can do a paid internship in the field of study which will enhance your both professional knowledge and network and maybe lead to your future dream job.

# Unlock your potential

German people believe in enthusiasm, commitment and hard work. You can convince your future employer by your motivation, professional knowledge and interpersonal skills – everything counts. In Germany you can unlock your potential to the fullest – and become the better version of yourself!

# Benefit from numerous discounts for students

Of course what matters most is the accommodation. As a student in Germany you get accommodation to student dormitories which are good, comfortable to live in and very affordable! You student’s ID enables you to use the public transport for free. Other than that you get discounts in cinemas and for some other entertainment activities, in museums, galleries, some shops and what not. To make it even better: you get a bank account free of charge.

# Enjoy affordable healthcare for students

It is around 80 € per months – and everything is fully covered. You don’t have to worry about what in case you get a cold or fall from a bike. In better or worth, you will be taken care of.

# Dive into the diverse environment

There are a lot of international students in Germany – 11, 9 %, to be exact! And you can make a difference as part of international community on the campus of the German university of your choice. You get involved in professional and cultural activities on campus and in the long run benefit for your CV.

# Be safe

Germany is one of the safest countries in the world. German police are one of the friendliest. Your parents will calm down if you tell them that safety is on the top of the list of the German values. Please right in the comments below what makes Germany attractive as a study destination personally for you. We are very interested to know what makes you thrilled about Germany!