International students admission in Germany

20. February 2018
International Students Admission in Germany: Depending on the character of your credentials you get different access to university studies in Germany. The university entrance qualification can be direct and indirect. Indirect means, you need to attend so-called Studienkolleg (Foundation Year). It prepares international students for pursuing a Bachelor degree. Studienkolleg provides with the German language preparation as well as with special knowledge (medical, technical, business, etc.). Direct access means there is no need to attend Studienkolleg and you can apply for the Bachelor degree immediately. For example, school leavers from India always have indirect access they need to attend Foundation Year after school if they want to pursue university studies in Germany. However, after one year of university studies in India (Pakistan, Russia, and Kazakhstan) the university access become direct

students can start their Bachelor degree immediately. Tricky, isn’t it?

And now comes the next important thing: after school in India having studied one year at a university the university entrance qualification is direct but subject-oriented, or subject-related. It means, if you have done one year computer science, you can pursue in technical field, but not in medical field. And after one year medicine you cannot do computer science. The indirect access to university studies in Germany happens, when the duration of the secondary education in the related country is only 11 years. In Germany it is 13, sometimes 12 years. In order o manage this gap the German education administration started Studienkolleg in order to balance the differences between school systems in different countries. If you come from Syria, your university access is direct and general – so no Studienkolleg and no subject restriction. You can study what you want. That seems to be the best, but mind you, Foundation Year is a very good fundamental for your further studies in Germany. Of course you will be able to socialize with other young international people and learn a lot about German university system. Be aware: Studienkolleg is competitive. You have to show good or even excellent knowledge during the entrance test in order to secure a place.