Experiencing Berlin with EURASIA: 5 Museums to Discover

27. June 2024

Everyone knows that experience is the best teacher. But with so much to experience and so many things to do in the city of Berlin, a EURASIA student might ask, where to start? Museums around the city are a good way to begin your adventures, with lots of different options for learning and discovery. Here are some of our favorite museums around the city that may catch your interest.

#1: the Altes Museum

Located on the beautiful Museumsinsel (Museum island) in the center of Berlin, the Altes Museum showcases ancient Greek art and architecture. As the oldest museum on the island, it was built in the 1830s and has recently undergone renovations to restore its original beauty. Art pieces in the museum reflect archaic Greek mythology and culture. The museum shares a plaza with the iconic Berliner Dom, which is rich in art and a history of its own. Tickets to the top of the dome are very cheap for students and offer a breathtaking view of the city.

Note: Also located on Museumsinsel, the Pergamonmuseume contains iconic art and history pieces from ancient civilizations including Greece, Rome, the Near East and Egypt. Containing such wonders as the bust of Nefertiti and a massive reconstruction of the gates of Babylon, this museum draws millions of visitors every year and never fails to disappoint. Although the main museum is closed for renovations as of this writing, the Pergamon Panorama, which features a 360 degree artistic rendering of the ancient city of Pergamon, is still open to visitors.

#2: Gemäldegalerie

If you are looking to experience culture that is a bit more recent, take a look at the Gemäldegalerie, home to one of the world’s most significant collections of artwork and paintings from the European Renaissance! Come here to see art pieces by famous names such as Rembrandt and Claude Lorrain, along with many other beautiful works. This quiet gallery is also a great place to step away from the noise and bustle of the city.

#3: The Judisches Museum Berlin

If a better understanding of the Jewish experience in Germany is part of your plans for your stay here, check out the Judisches (Jewish) Museum! Here you can delve deep into the experiences of Jews in World War II, as well as Jewish perspective and culture in the city today. The museum includes moving artistic pieces such as Shlaekhet (Falling Leaves) by Menashe Kadishmann, which is designed to put the viewer in mind of Jewish victims of war and tragedy.

#4: Illuseum Berlin

Full of interesting and mind-bending installations that emphasize the power of illusion, this is a fun museum to learn how easily a person’s mind can be manipulated by what they think they see. Fun highlights include the Vortex tunnel, where the entire room seems to rotate around visitors, and the Ames room, where the people around you seem to grow and shrink in size.

#5: the DDR Museum

An important part of Berlin’s complicated, rich history is its longtime division into two parts, East and West. Its former ties to the Soviet Union have piqued the interest of many visitors to the former East Berlin. If you are one of these people, then a visit to the DDR museum may help satisfy your curiosity! Its interactive exhibits will give you opportunities to explore, first-hand, what life in East Germany might have felt like for a Berliner. Just like many other museums in Berlin, tickets to the DDR museum come at a discounted price for students.

Although each of these museums is distinct and different, they all have one thing in common: a fresh way of seeing the world. As you work to expand your opportunities in Germany through language learning and academic degrees, be sure to also see the opportunities right at your fingertips–opportunities to look at societal issues, history, and culture through the eyes of someone else.

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