4. July 2024
Meet Alex, our Study Counselor from Germany!
Some fun facts about Alex:
  • He enjoys exercise such as swimming and jogging.
  • He likes watching movies!
  • Eating out and traveling are some of his other hobbies.
One thing that Alex likes about Germany is how well-organized and structured everything is, although he says this can sometimes be stressful since it means you always have to be well-organized and responsible. When asked about his experiences at EURASIA he says the thing he likes most is working with and helping the students. He also enjoys having a variety of tasks to do, from university trips to presentations and lectures. One thing he hopes to see at EURASIA in the future is even more diversity among its students, because having a diversity of perspectives in the classroom is always a good thing. We really appreciate Alex and his attention to detail and care for the students here at EURASIA! He is a key contributor on our team. Vielen Dank, Alex!