30. January 2024


Jullie Marques is our account manager here at Eurasia who helps take care of our students from Latin America! Jullie is originally from Manaus, Brazil and has lived here in Berlin, Germany for about two years now.

Some fun facts about Jullie:

– She is super scared of snakes, even though she says they are very common in the place she grew up.

– She says she could eat pizza and pasta every day (probably has something to do with growing up in Italy…)

– She has lived in five countries (so far) including Brazil, Italy, USA, Germany and Malta!

When asked about Eurasia and our mission she said, “With Eurasia you are able to work towards a better future and better life when it comes to studying, work, or just gaining experience. Here at Eurasia they provide you with the tools you need to succeed, and then teach you how to use those tools throughout your life.”

Jullie’s dedication to our students is invaluable, and we’re grateful to have her on our team here at Eurasia!