22. February 2024

Why study with EURASIA? Why study in Germany? With comprehensive academic advisory services, inclusive student support, and a unique EURASIA language success guarantee, EURASIA provides a seamless and supportive pathway for international students to excel in their studies and cultural experiences abroad.

1. Officially Recognized Quality

One of Europe’s largest providers of educational services and supplies, EURASIA is registered with the Berlin Senate and an accredited exam centre for TestDaF, TestAS, and telc. Study German with the unique EURASIA language success guarantee.

2. Over 30 years of Experience

With a rich legacy spanning over three decades, EURASIA has empowered more than 20,000 students to kick-start their academic and professional journeys in Germany.

3. All-Inclusive Academic Advisory Service

Unlock Germany’s educational system with EURASIA’s comprehensive guidance. From navigating university applications to personalized assistance, we guarantee seamless admission to German universities, ensuring you’re set for success even before you step foot in Germany.

4. Student Service & Activities

We guarantee a soft landing in Germany and help with all questions about your new home. Whether you are new in town or still abroad, EURASIA’s supportive environment helps you arrange suitable accommodation, insurance, register with local authorities, activate your blocked account and extend your visa. Further we offer leisure time activities and excursions to experience German culture together!

5. Helpful & Friendly Staff

EURASIA is proud to have an international team that is always ready to help and support you in whatever you need. Find out more about our individual staff in the Staff Highlights found on our sites blog!

6. German Language Success Guarantee

EURASIA boasts the fastest intensive German language programme in Germany, as well as the only program with a guarantee of success. We provide opportunities for you to study however you prefer, whether that be in a traditional classroom on our campus in West Berlin, or from the comfort of your home, EURASIA offers it all.

So why study with EURASIA? EURASIA’s long-standing expertise and tailored services make studying in Germany a breeze, helping you smoothly navigate both academics and cultural experiences. With a friendly team and inclusive programs, EURASIA offers university students a supportive community to excel in their academic and personal journeys abroad in Germany. We are so excited for you to begin!